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Police wanted to bust Mary Berry after she wrote all over my car, says bake off co-host

Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has told how his co-star Mary Berry vandalised his car by writing on it with a marker pen.

The 79-year-old wrote her name on Hollywood's motor but then had a change of heart and tried frantically to scrub it off several days later.

Speaking during an interview for Saturday's Jonathan Ross Show on ITV, he said he had gone to collect his car after a day of work and was informed by security and a police officer that his vehicle had been attacked.

"They said 'someone has written on your car - Mary has written on your car'. As I got closer to the car it just said 'Love Mary x' with a marker," Hollywood explained.

He went on: "I phoned her up because she was on her way home and I said 'Mary what are you doing?' 'Oh I thought it was just marvellous', - but the police officer was there and she said 'would you like Mary arrested?'"

Hollywood joked that he wanted her arrested for criminal damage.

He added: "I did get her back though because we were at Bake Off a week later and I couldn't get (the pen) off and I said to her 'Mary, that's still on my car'. I caught her - she went outside with a wet wipe, so I left her there for about half-an-hour."

Presenter Ross explained how he has recorded a Bake Off programme for next year's Comic Relief and called it a "once in a lifetime experience".

Hollywood joked about the chat host's abilities in the kitchen, saying: "I was quite impressed with you, up until the moment you start.

"I would certainly say I have never seen anything like it before in my life - it was quite unique."

The interview is to be screened on Saturday's edition of the ITV show at 10.15pm.