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Police tough on flag riots

LOYALIST violence over the flying of the union flag will be firmly dealt with, Northern Ireland's police chief declared after a fourth night of rioting.

Matt Baggott's warning came just hours before fresh disturbances erupted in Belfast. A mob hurled steel barriers, bricks, fireworks and bottles at officers patrolling Castlereagh Street last night.

Disorder was also reported on Mountpottinger Road and Beersbridge Road.

But PSNI chief constable Mr Baggott said: "There will be sufficient resources in the event of more disorder for however long is necessary."

China starts nuclear plant

CHINA has begun building a new nuclear power plant after lifting a construction moratorium imposed following Japan's 2011 Fukushima disaster.

The ¤365m power plant in Rongcheng, in the Shandong province, would incorporate advanced safety features developed by Chinese researchers.

Nuclear power is a key element in official efforts to curb surging demand for fossil fuels in China.

Bulls run wild on highway

A TRAILER carrying 32 bulls slammed into a tree, snarling traffic and forcing police to chase down and shoot one of three animals that escaped.

A vet sedated another of the animals with a dart. The first was shot for being overly aggressive after the crash on I-75 in Gainesville, Florida, US.

A crew of cowboys, vets and state troopers had set up chutes with portable metal fences to offload the bulls.