Sunday 17 December 2017

Police find 17 riddled bodies

Iraqi police found 17 bullet-riddled bodies in different areas of the capital, Baghdad, raising fears of more sectarian bloodletting at a time of soaring tensions following Sunni insurgent seizing territory across the country.

Authorities found the bodies of 14 men and three women dumped in the streets late Sunday and early yesterday, two police officers said. Some had suffered gunshot wounds to the heads and chest, with others blindfolded and bound, they said. Some showed signs of being tortured, they said.

Officers found no identification cards on the bodies and police could not offer a motive in their killings.

Mary's cooking up a TV storm

Baking queen Mary Berry has criticised other cookery shows, saying that they appear not to be entirely honest with viewers.

The Great British Bake Off star (79) said that on other culinary shows, judges were selecting certain winners to tick boxes.

"We make the decisions," she said of Bake Off.

"I often look at other cooking programmes and it doesn't always seem that way."

Bomber targets petrol station

A woman blew herself up at a petrol station in northern Nigeria, killing at least three people, according to reports.

The attack in Kano comes amid other bombings, and was the second by a female suicide bomber in two days.

One eyewitness said he saw the woman standing in line to buy kerosene for cooking before she set off the bomb.

A 15-year-old female suicide bomber detonated a bomb near a university on Sunday.

Champ tags a house burglar

A former WWE champion chased two burglary suspects he saw leaving his home in Phoenix, US, and subdued one.

Bryan Danielson, who was known as Daniel Bryan during his wrestling career, and his wife, Brianna, were approaching their home in their car when they saw a door to the house start to open.

Danielson and Cesar Sosa, 22, got into a struggle, but the champ subdued him until officers arrived. second suspect got away.

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