Wednesday 13 December 2017

Planned babies are 'breastfed for longer'

Women who did not plan to get pregnant stop breastfeeding sooner than women who did, say researchers.

They are also 10 times as likely to stop breastfeeding exclusively by 12 weeks, according to new research by a Durham University expert.

The study suggests that women whose pregnancies were not deliberate often experience more emotional and physical discomfort with breastfeeding compared to women who had fully intended to have a baby.

Dr Alanna Rudzik, from Durham's Wolfson Research Institute, found that more than 40pc of the women in the study had stopped exclusively breastfeeding within three months despite all of them originally intending to keep it up.

The research focused on mothers from low-income neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr Rudzik said: "This ambivalence to breastfeeding is experienced by women elsewhere, including the UK.


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