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Plan to tear down Fairview bridge is 'ludicrous idea'


The pedestrian bridge at Fairview

The pedestrian bridge at Fairview

Becky Coad and Neil Doyle, Fairview.

Becky Coad and Neil Doyle, Fairview.


The pedestrian bridge at Fairview

A proposal to remove the Fairview Footbridge and replace it with a pedestrian crossing has been described as "ludicrous".

Labour TD Sean Kenny said that the proposal is contained in a report coming before a meeting of Dublin City Council's north central area committee meeting today.

The report deals with the proposed cycle route from Clontarf Road to Amiens Street in the city centre, comprising approximately 2.5km of "high quality, continuous and consistent cycle facilities".

The project will include a greenway, or esplanade, a pedestrian and cycle-friendly way at the edge of Fairview Park.


Among the proposals from the Environment and Transportation committee is the removal of the Fairview Footbridge.

It proposes a new pedestrian crossing at Merville Avenue to replace the footbridge, as well as "the possible relocation" of the steel bridge structure to an area of need.

There would be an "enhanced public realm with removal of barriers, additional landscaping, cycle parking", the report said. However, Mr Kenny added that local residents feel that the footbridge is "part of the Fairview architecture".

"In my view this proposal is ludicrous. It would slow down traffic on one the busiest traffic routes into the city centre where there are bus lanes in both directions with a high level of traffic density including cars, cyclists, taxis and buses," he said.

"It is much safer for pedestrians to cross by the existing footbridge rather than having to cross multiple lanes on foot."

Meanwhile, there were mixed views locally on the proposal.

Colin McGovern (40) from Clontarf said he would be worried about the effects on traffic if there were lights instead of the bridge. "I wouldn't be in favour of getting rid of it," he told the Herald.

Neil Doyle (23) who lives in Fairview said he thought it would be more dangerous for pedestrians, especially young kids, if they removed it.

"I think its a landmark in the area," he added.

Becky Coad (21) from Dun Laoghaire said that the bridge is used by kids going to the playground. "I don't see the benefit of getting rid of it. It is a very busy road," she said.

Amy Campbell (35) from Marino also said the road is very busy but welcomed the proposal for more pedestrian crossings.

"I find that people really dangerously jay walk across this road. I think if there were pedestrian crossings, it would probably be more sensible in the long run," she said.