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PJ's crack squad to help Cian (4) get his lung transplant

People will be cracking eggs over their heads this summer to raise awareness for a four-year-old boy in need of an expensive lung transplant.

Comedian PJ Gallagher has lent his support to the campaign which aims to help save the life of Cian McDonnell-Lynch who suffers from an extremely rare disease.

The young boy has been left blind as well as relying on an oxygen tank and has been given just weeks to live following a bone marrow transplant which was originally presumed successful.

"In Easter 2012 he was getting constant infections and we discovered his blood count was very low," his mum Lisa (33) told the Herald.

"He was sent to Crumlin where they discovered his bone marrow was failing but they didn't know why."

Cian was then diagnosed with the one in a million condition Dyskeratosis Congenita.

After countless failed blood transfusions, Cian underwent a bone marrow transplant in Crumlin but was hospitalised before Christmas with low oxygen saturation levels.

"Doctors did a lot of tests and discovered he had Microscopic Pulmonary AVMs. They said there was nothing that could be done, that Cian wouldn't be able for a lung transplant," Lisa said.


Dad Donal (36) and Lisa are determined to do whatever can be done to help their son and have contacted London's Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"We've been told to prepare for them saying no but our last hope is Boston where they're not ruling him out for a lung transplant," she said.

"He's a great character; he's so full of life. But they say that about children, they are so resilient," she added.

Cian's tragic prognosis has attracted the support of people across the country, all keen to help the Meath family and give him the best chance at treatment.

"There are people that we don't even know who are fundraising. The love and support has been amazing. I know everything will be done to make sure he is given the best possible chance."

The newly-launched Get Cracking For Cian social media campaign encourages people to video themselves cracking an egg on their heads and then texting 57802 to donate €2, before nominating five friends to do the same.

PJ Gallagher took the challenge and said he was "delighted" to support Cian.

"There was no way I was going to say no," he said.

"Cian is a lovely lad who deserves a break. I tell you one thing, I saw him smile to camera at the launch and I reckon he's a career in modelling ahead," he joked.