Sunday 20 January 2019

PJ Gallagher's outrage as 'scumbag' thief tries to sell him his stolen bike

PJ and Anton Savage have both had bikes stolen
PJ and Anton Savage have both had bikes stolen

Comedian PJ Gallagher has spoken of his anger after someone tried to sell him back his stolen motorbike for €1,500.

The funnyman was left fuming when his black Triumph 800 was taken from outside his mum's house in Clontarf on Friday night.

He has had the bike - which is worth about €5,000 - for a number of years and is his main mode of transport when travelling to gigs and working on 4FM.

But he was left speechless when a man contacted him on his mobile phone and offered to sell it back.

"I think it was a genuine offer because there would have been a bit of effort put in to get my number, but there was not a f**king chance I was going to pay up," he said.

"I told him to go f**k himself. There is no way I'm giving some little scumbag my hard-earned cash."

PJ believes the motorbike was loaded on to a truck and driven away during the night because he had the keys in his possession.

"I stayed in my mum's on Friday night and I got up Saturday morning to go to the gym and it was gone.

"I was more angry than anything else. You work your b*****ks off and then some little p***k goes and does something like this."


There has been a spate of motorbike thefts in Dublin in recent weeks.

Broadcaster Anton Savage had his bike stolen from outside Lidl in nearby East Wall last month, while Fair City star Johnny Ward had his stolen from the garden of his home in Walkinstown.

PJ has reported the theft to Clontarf Garda Station. Anyone with information about the motorbike (registration number 11D25441) should contact the station.

The Naked Camera comedian has just started filming the TV series The Young Offenders, a follow-up to the hit movie of the same name.

PJ will play a school principal called Barry Walsh in the six-part series based on two tearaways from Cork.

"I'm getting a great feeling off it," he said. "It's been great craic so far."

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