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Pippa rECALLs her last chat with beloved mother

Model Pippa O'Connor has spoken of the last conversation she had with her mother before she died.

Pippa's mum Louise Mullen died unexpectedly last month at the age of 61.

While Pippa (29) wishes she'd had the chance to say goodbye, she still remembers the last conversation she had with her mum.

"Not being able to have that one last goodbye conversation with her, that's very tough," Pippa said. "It was just a normal conversation - it was about make-up, actually.

"She rang me saying she saw me somewhere and she liked my make-up.

"She said, 'I loved your highlighter you had on today' and I said, 'Mam you're 61'. She always wanted everything I was wearing.

"We said we'd meet up in the next couple of days and go shopping, and that was the very last time I spoke to her."

But Pippa says her young son Ollie and her work with her website is keeping her busy and helps her deal with the huge loss.

"I am totally used to him now, and I often wonder what did I do before him," she told Late Lunch Live on TV3.


"Without wanting to sound too cliched, he's just the very best thing that could ever have happened to me.

"It sounds really a bit yuck, but I feel really lucky to have him.

"I'm OK now, like today because I'm here and I'm busy, but because it was so sudden and out of the blue it just feels very surreal.

"It's very raw for me. What's been my saviour is obviously Ollie.

"Work as well, because it doesn't really feel like work to me, it's something I enjoy so I've just thrown myself right back into it.

"Some people may think that's good or bad, but it's something I've had to do."