Sunday 25 February 2018

Pipebomb terror as device found under Fiona Doyle's car


Fiona Doyle
Fiona Doyle

A SUSPECTED pipebomb was discovered this morning underneath the car of brave rape victim Fiona Doyle.

The suspicious device was spotted by Ms Doyle's partner outside their home near Ballycanew, Co Wexford at around 9am.

He was pulling out of the driveway when he noticed it on the ground.

Gardai from Gorey were called and after an initial examination the Army's bomb disposal unit rushed to the scene.

"Someone has left a pipebomb under my car, I can't believe it. We have been evacuated from the house. I believe it has something to do with my husband's work. He works as a bouncer in Wicklow town. It's quite scary," Ms Doyle told the Herald this morning.

A senior source said that gardai described the device as "looking very sophisticated".

At the time of going to press Army experts had not yet determined whether the device was viable, but the entire village was cordoned off.

The discovery was made close to a primary school and gardai requested that school children stay inside the building while the device was being dealt with.

Sources confirmed that detectives are working on the theory that the target of the incident was Ms Doyle's partner.

He has no involvement in crime and may have been targeted because of his work as a nightclub doorman, a source pointed out.

Ms Doyle's evil father, Patrick O'Brien, had his jail sentence for rape tripled to nine years earlier this year.

She said at the time that she is now at peace and ready to tell the world the "gory details" of her childhood.

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