Sunday 23 September 2018

Pink Snack 'saviour' admits he's sick of the taste of them

Gerard Maguire
Gerard Maguire

The man who became famous for trying to save the pink Snack is down to his last few boxes after buying almost 1,500 bars earlier this year.

When Cadbury announced it would no longer be producing the bars, Gerard Maguire, who runs a south Dublin wine shop, reacted by starting a petition to save the 40-year-old chocolate wafer fingers - the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa.

Mr Maguire, whose business is in Glenageary, bought 30 boxes from suppliers Musgraves earlier this year.

However, his fondness for the chocolate bar isn't what it was.

"Would you believe that I'm just after eating one there? Mind you, I'm getting sick of them at this stage, I've had so many," he told the Herald.

"I'm now down to the very last couple of boxes - they're on the counter here in the shop.


"I've had a lot myself. I sell some of them, and if kids are in the shop with their parents I give them out for free.

"An awful lot of people actually came into the shop for the first time because they heard about me buying these snacks.

"You'd have some people coming in and buying 10 or 15 bars at a time, to support what I was looking to achieve."

Cadbury reduced the bar from three fingers to two in 2013 before announcing last February it was to be axed.

Mr Maguire said that although he's a big fan of the chocolate bar, the main reason he bought so many was because he wanted to support "a good Irish product".

"My intention was to highlight the issue," he said.

"It's a good product and it's an Irish product and I don't think enough is being done to support Irish products. We should be supporting them.

"My shop has survived through some very difficult times because people care for it and go here instead of other places."

Cadbury were contacted for comment but none was forthcoming.

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