Sunday 18 August 2019

Picnic leftovers include phones, car keys... and an electric guitar

Gardai have released photographs of expensive lost personal items left behind at Electric Picnic.

The Picnic leftovers include dozens of smartphones, car keys and expensive cameras.

And it looks like not all lost goods were left behind by the festival-goers, but perhaps by some of the musicians who performed in Stradbally last weekend.

Two guitars make up the long list of items, one of which, a turquoise-coloured electric bass guitar, is in its case.

Gardai at Portlaoise have asked potential owners to get in touch with them via email if they think the goods belong to them.

Photos of all of the lost items have been uploaded to photo-sharing site, Flickr, on the account of the Garda Siochana.

Approximately 80 phones, all expensive smartphones worth several hundred euro each, are in the lost and found pound.

"Please contact portlaoise.events@garda.ie if you feel you own one of the pieces of property with IMEI number, or other similar identifying feature to arrange collection," reads a statement on the garda account.

However, some punters may not need their IMEI numbers as several of the phones still have some battery charge left, and home-screen images of pets and partners can be seen.


But for some revellers retrieving their phones might prove fruitless as several of them have smashed or battered screens after a hard weekend of partying.

There are approximately 13 cameras in the hold, some of which cost close to €1,000. One still has some remaining battery power and a photo of a young couple, taken on Friday night, can be seen.

Car keys for an Audi and a Mini Cooper are also on the list.

And several bunches of keys, containing what look like both house and work keys, have been found. Gardai also located a festival-goer's bag which contains an electric guitar tuner and a VISA card.


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