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Photos from times past to be displayed


Noel Rock

Noel Rock

Noel Rock

PLANS to commemorate the families who lived in the landmark Ballymun flats are taking shape.

Councillor Noel Rock, who lived in the Balbutcher Lane flat blocks as a child, is spearheading the idea.

It's hoped that a photography exhibition showcasing life in the flats will serve as the focal point for the celebrations.

Cllr Rock said a reunion of those who used to live in the development was also planned as part of the special event.

The final week in October would be the ideal time for the exhibit to be unveiled, as that coincides with the final loads of rubble being removed.

"There is such a rich history here. Thousands of families have passed through here and it is important to remember not only the buildings, but the people who lived in them," he told the Herald.

"It doesn't matter if people lived there for three weeks or three decades.

"It would be ideal to gather pictures of life in 'old Ballymun', I've already had people volunteering some of their old snaps.

"The community spirit, however, that made Ballymun so special will live on," he said.

It was important to remember the tower blocks that once dominated the skyline in the northside as their demolition was the "end of an era" he added.

The Fine Gael politician said he was working with Dublin City Council to try and get the plans off the ground.


It is envisaged that the exhibition would take place in the Axis centre or the Civic Centre.

Ballymun's trademark tower blocks were built in the 1960s to house residents from the inner city. The development consisted of seven 15-storey high-rise tower blocks. A further 19 eight-storey flat blocks were built.

Demolition of the blocks began in 2004 with the destruction of the Patrick Pearse tower.