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Petrol thief was ‘stupid’ to return to garage

A JOBLESS man stole petrol from a garage so he could drive to his parents’ home and act as an “intermediary” during their separation, a court heard.

Paul Byrne (28) was caught after he returned to the same garage again in a move described by a judge as “stupid”.

Judge Anthony Halpin put him on a peace bond for a year at Dublin District Court.

Byrne, of Coburg Place, Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to stealing €66 worth of petrol from Richmond Service Station, Fairview, on February 5 last and €76 worth on February 17.

Judge Halpin said the accused was “not very bright” to have gone back to the same garage. He must have known the premises had CCTV, the judge added.

“Stupidity is worse than downright wilfulness because occasionally downright wilfulness takes a day off, stupidity never does,” he said.

The accused had worked in store security and had a good employment history, his solicitor Declan Fahy said.

At the time of the offences, his parents were going through a separation and he was acting as “intermediary”. He was travelling to Cavan to see them, was not working and “succumbed to temptation” in stealing the petrol.

Judge Halpin bound Byrne to the peace for a year.