Friday 18 January 2019

Peter - I won't tell my girl what to do

HE is Love/Hate's hard chaw gangster Fran - and Peter Coonan knows that acting is just as tough a gig.

So the new dad said that he doesn't think his family would be too happy if his daughter followed in his footsteps in the acting world.

Peter said that he "grew up on theatre" and so acting was a natural progression for him.

"My mother was an amateur stage actress, so growing up we would have been brought to theatre productions that she was doing and brought to see other theatre productions," he said.


"I started acting from the age of about five. I would have done feiseanna all the way up, so it would have always been part of my life."

But despite the Dubliner's passion for the art, he said that his family might not be so delighted if his daughter decided to become an actress.

"I'd say her grandfather would kill me, both grandfathers would kill me if that was the case," he laughed.

But Peter said that he would be 100pc supportive of any move that his three-month-old daughter ultimately makes.

"I won't tell her what to do, I'll just point her in the right direction," he said. "Whatever decision she makes I will support her."

Peter's girlfriend Kim O'Driscoll gave birth at the National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street on May 12 to a little girl named Beth.

The TV star said that he was lucky to have two days off from filming the fifth season of Love/Hate when the baby arrived.

Peter managed to enjoy a six-week break to spend quality time with his family before starting rehearsals on his latest project.

He is due to tread the boards at the Gaiety Theatre by taking on a lead role in Borstal Boy, which is to be staged for the first time in 25 years.

The play, which will run from September 11, marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Brendan Behan.


And Peter said that he relished uncovering all aspects of Behan's personality - and not just his notoriety as a party animal.

"I think there's a lot more to him," he said in an interview with Woman's Way. "I mean he's a brilliant writer, he was a person that loved people.

"I think his carousing and his drinking kind of put fuel to the fire but that's what came with his notoriety," he added.

"He was this guy who was going on BBC and kind of putting the finger to the establishment, so he was kind of a figure for a punk generation but was also this beautifully literate and eloquent man."


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