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Pet dogs tuck into dentures, phones and underwear

MOBILE phones, human dentures and underwear are just some of the unusual items dogs have been munching their way through.

Of more than 2,000 people surveyed, nearly three-quarters said their pet had eaten something they shouldn't.

Among them was Indie, a Labrador from Gloucestershire, England, who had surgery twice after eating a toy car and a rubber duck.

Others said their pets had been munching on slippers, electrical wires and remote controls.

Overall, 68pc of owners said they were concerned their dog might get ill from eating something it shouldn't.


The poll was commissioned by Bayer Animal Health as part of a Be Lungworm Aware campaign which is aiming to inform more pet owners about the potentially fatal parasite.

Owners were warned to be vigilant against their dogs eating common garden slugs and snails which carry the disease.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed said they had never heard of the illness and 19pc admitted that they let their dog eat slugs and snails.

Veterinary surgeon and star of TV's Vet Adventures, Luke Gamble, said: "The spread of lungworm is something that the public, as well as vets, need to take notice of.

"If you suspect your dog is eating slugs and snails it's really important that you speak to a vet."