Saturday 18 November 2017

Pervert who fell for girl (8) now wants au pair job

A MAN who was banned from travelling to Ireland after he became infatuated with an eight-year-old girl has caused alarm in Switzerland where he wants to become an au pair.

An unsuspecting Swiss woman revealed how she nearly hired the 34-year-old Frenchman to look after two young girls but then discovered his past conviction on the internet.

In 2010, Hubert Noditza was handed down a 16-month prison sentence for trespass and assaulting a man causing him harm.

The victim was the father of an eight-year-old girl whom Noditza claimed to love.

Noditza avoided the jail sentence on condition that he did not return to Ireland until 2019 -- when the girl, whom he wanted to marry, turns 18. In recent months, he advertised his services on the website www.aupairplacement.com.

A Swiss woman, who was looking for an au pair for two girls aged 11 and 12, contacted local press when she became aware of Noditza's background.

The woman was shocked by the reports she found and cancelled the meeting.

Noditza who currently resides in his native Normandy, has insisted that he was the victim of "Google [rumours] and the press".

"I love children but not in the malicious manner people think," he told local newspaper 20 Minutes.

Noditza was forced to leave Ireland after the father of an eight-year-old girl found him outside the child's bedroom.

The father said he had met and invited Noditza to their home in Beaufort, Co Kerry, in May 2009 and he had stayed with the family, mostly in a caravan near their house.

However they asked him to leave after two weeks, and he had done so in July 2009. The child's father said he had become a nuisance.

Beginning in November 2009, the child's mother received a number of text messages from him -- which he denied sending -- proclaiming his feelings for the girl.

According to a transcript, Noditza said that the child was "the only one with whom I felt like living forever".

In 2010, Noditza appeared in court in Scotland where he denied a breach of the peace and simulating a sex act after refusing to leave a distillery. He was found guilty of the offence and ordered to be detained at a psychiatric treatment for at least six months.

Another SMS read out in court accused her parents of seeking to make him "go away before (name of child) and I are really married forever".


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