Friday 22 February 2019

'People could have been killed' - fury as joyriders go on terrifying rampage

Joyrider kept going at speed even when a back wheel fell off the car, as seen in the shocking footage
Joyrider kept going at speed even when a back wheel fell off the car, as seen in the shocking footage

This is the moment an innocent pedestrian is almost wiped off the pavement as a number of joyriders wreak havoc in a north Dublin housing estate.

Three cars were filmed speeding in broad daylight in the Berryfield estate, west Finglas, on Friday evening, crashing into each other as well as a car parked nearby while doing dangerous handbrake turns.

The footage lasts more than three minutes and clearly shows one car being rear-ended by another and spinning out of control onto the footpath, narrowly missing a person walking by.


Even after the near-miss, the car speeds off up the road and performs a number of other turns and skids.

Local councillor David Costello has branded the joyriders "thugs" and said they should be "locked up".

"This is absolutely nuts. That car could have flipped over and killed people," he told the Herald.

"These thugs have no respect for their own lives, no respect for anyone else's life and no respect for people's property.

"Berryfield has had its share of problems over the years, but the gardai need to do something about this.

"There has been a problem of kids riding quad bikes and scramblers around and the gardai have not clamped down on it. This is the natural progression and the gardai need to act now.

"There can be no excuses for this behaviour. These people deserve to be locked up.

"We used to have a joyriding problem years ago but we haven't seen it for more than 10 years. It's awful to see these types of scenes again."

His views were echoed by Dublin North West TD Noel Rock.

"People are disgusted by this," he said.

"The hard-working and law-abiding members of the community are being plagued by this sort of behaviour, and what that video shows is the extreme end of what they are witnessing day-in and day-out.

"In that three-minute clip, we see a person nearly being run over and a parked car being hit, and all sorts of dangerous manoeuvres.

"The gardai should have been there long before it got to that stage. I heard it was going on for 15 or 20 minutes.

"Were they oblivious to it? Or were they unwilling or unable to respond? These are important questions."

At one stage, a back wheel collapses on one car during the incident, but even then it is still being driven at speed with sparks coming from the bottom of the vehicle.

Gardai have launched an investigation after the video was shared online.

The shocking footage, which was taken by an innocent bystander, shows the damage being done as people try to stay safely in their gardens.

At one point a young man and woman can be seen running up the footpath after the cars have passed by.


Then, seemingly in frustration, the young man repeatedly kicks one of the cars as the driver revs the engine, preparing for another run at speed down the road.

The drivers also come dangerously close to mounting the pavement where some youths are standing.

Children can also be seen in the gardens of houses with their anxious parents calling them back in as the joyriders speed past.

The cars were reportedly found burnt out in the estate later that day.

Gardai confirmed they are investigating an incident of dangerous driving in the Berryfield Estate on May 11.

"There were no reports of injuries and gardai are appealing for witnesses to contact them in Finglas on 01 6667500," a garda spokesperson said.

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