Monday 18 December 2017

'Pay €30,000 or you're dead', criminal told after cocaine stashed in motorbike is taken

Murder victim Daniel Gaynor
Murder victim Daniel Gaynor

A Dublin criminal has been told he will be shot dead if he does not come up with €30,000.

The warning comes after a young associate was involved in the theft of a motorbike in which a huge stash of cocaine had been hidden.

The incident has led to a major increase in tensions in the Finglas area.

It is understood that the criminal, who was a close friend of gangland murder victim Daniel Gaynor, has been warned he will be killed if he does not produce the money, even though he was not involved in the theft of the motorbike.


More than a kilo of cocaine had been stashed in a secret compartment at the back of the bike, which went missing from the Fairlawn area of Finglas last month.

It quickly became known among local criminals that two teenage boys were involved in the theft.

It is understood they did not know about the drugs.

However, by the time the Dublin dealer who had trafficked the drugs tracked down the bike, the cocaine was missing.

Sources said the dealer, who is said to keep an "extremely low profile", lost no time in telling the gangster in England who controlled the Class A drug what had happened.

The gangster, a major criminal, immediately travelled to north Dublin in an attempt to get money for the missing cocaine.

It is understood he broke into the family home of one of the teenagers suspected of stealing the bike.

He demanded that the older associate of the teenager pay him €30,000.


This has led to fears that the man, who is in his 20s, will become involved in an underworld cash drive to retrieve the money.

The Dublin criminal is suspected of seriously assaulting the teenager as a result of the theft of the motorbike.

Both of the teenagers are now in hiding and in fear for their lives.

The Dublin criminal and one of the teenagers were close friends of hitman-for-hire Gaynor (24), who was murdered in front of his family in Finglas in August 2010.

Ballyfermot hood Keith Wilson (29) was later convicted of that gun murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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