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Paul was lost for words on his first date with Louise

Paul Galvin has revealed how he embarrassed himself on his first date with his now fiancee, Today FM's Louise Duffy.

The GAA star (inset) told how Louise couldn't stop laughing at him after he admitted that he was currently reading the dictionary.

And fashionista Paul was left sweating when Louise then started quizzing him on the definitions of obscure words.

"These days you'd more likely find me reading a dictionary. On my first date with my fiancee Louise she asked me what I was reading," he said.

"I happened to be reading the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus at the time. She laughed, not realising I was serious.

"I got embarrassed because she couldn't stop laughing at the table, and I obviously wasn't getting the joke. I sat there trying to be cool and non-plussed.

"I thought about pretending I actually was joking for a minute, but it had gone too far.

"She started asked me for the definitions of obscure words just to test me. You'd be surprised how intense that is on a first or second date."


But obviously Paul's obscure reading habits didn't put Louise off and the couple got engaged last summer.

And Paul says he's not panicking about walking down the aisle.

"I'm excited, but I'm not a Groomzilla. I'll leave all that up to Louise," he told the Diary.

"I'm very relaxed about it - when it happens it happens. We haven't set a date."

Despite his style credentials, Paul says he won't be designing his own wedding gear and isn't fussy about venues.

"I wouldn't like to design my own wedding suit. I'll get married wherever Louise wants."