Thursday 14 December 2017

Paudie hits out at response by Adams

Paudie Mc Gahon from Ardee, pictured near Malahide Co Dublin.
Paudie Mc Gahon from Ardee, pictured near Malahide Co Dublin.

IRA sex abuse victim Paudie McGahon has accused Gerry Adams and other Sinn Fein members of using language designed to undermine his claims.

Mr McGahon, from Co Louth, alleges that he was raped by an IRA man in his teens and later subjected to a kangaroo court organised by a Sinn Fein member.

Over the past few days Mr Adams and other republicans were repeatedly asked about the kangaroo court claims.

Mr Adams said that it would have been wrong "if" that happened.

Mr McGahon last night took exception to the party's use of the word "if".

"The first thing they (Sinn Fein) can do is stop using the world 'if' - it doesn't exist in my mind - because there are four witnesses to the kangaroo court … so they can throw the 'if' away," he said.


He also said he would never forgive Sinn Fein MP Francie Molloy, who yesterday apologised for a tweet he posted after Mr McGahon featured on the BBC Spotlight programme on Tuesday night.

Mr Molloy described the claims as "another load of rubbish" and claimed it was a joint "blueshirt" production between the Irish Independent and the BBC.

"The sad part is the cronies of Sinn Fein having such negative thoughts and the comments from Francie Molloy were very hurtful -he can apologise 24 hours a day but he can never take it back," said Mr McGahon.

The 40-year-old said that he has no regrets and feels relieved by the decision to go public.

"I have had such a weight taken off my shoulders after so many years that I am able to stand out instead of being hidden in the corner and (being told) this is not to be spoken about," he said. "There is also a sense of joy for my wife who has been a rock through all of this.

"This is one of the things in my life that is so large that I will never ever, ever regret coming forward.

"It is not just to help me but to help the victims who are still out there," he added.


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