Friday 19 January 2018

Patient care 'not top priority', claim half of staff in the HSE


HSE Chief Tony O'Brien
HSE Chief Tony O'Brien

Less than half of employees believe that care of patients and clients is the health services' top priority, a new HSE staff survey has found.

The HSE commissioned Ipsos MRBI to conduct an employee survey across the entire organisation to measure opinions and attitudes on their working life.

It's the first ever health sector-wide survey conducted by the HSE which is led by Director General Tony O'Brien.

It's the largest employer in the State with a total workforce of 121,526.

A total of 8,627 responded, of which 7,069 were from the HSE and 1,558 were from the voluntary sector.

The survey found only half were satisfied with the support they receive from their line manager.

"Non monetary recognition of performance is lacking for many people," the survey found.

However, many employees intend to be still working in the health services in the future, with 71pc saying they still intend to be there in two years time.

However, the survey found two in three believe overall service levels within the health services are deteriorating.

Just 47pc said that care of patients or clients was the health services' top priority.

Just 37pc would recommend the health services as an employer to a friend or family member.

Ian Tegerdine, HSE National Director of Human Relations said the results, while disappointing in some areas, are in some ways not hugely surprising given that the health service has come through an incredibly challenging few years when there were unprecedented cuts in budgets and staff numbers.


"This has naturally had a big impact on people who work under enormous pressure to deliver a quality service to patients, despite the challenges," he said.

Meanwhile, only 43pc said they would be happy with the standard of care provided by the health services if a friend or relative needed treatment.

This is significantly lower than 77pc of NHS staff who took part in a similar UK survey last year.

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