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Passengers up at Dublin airport

DUBLIN Airport Authority (DAA) will pay out a €1.5m rebate to 25 airlines that increased their passenger numbers at Dublin airport last year.

Airport traffic numbers last year were up 2pc to 19.1m, the second consecutive year of traffic growth.

An additional 360,000 passengers used the airport last year.

The DAA said that this growth was supported by a major expansion in long-haul traffic, which was up 16pc, while short-haul traffic increased by 1pc.

Airlines that increased their business at Dublin Airport last year include: Aer Lingus, Aer Lingus Regional, Air Canada, American Airlines, Etihad, Lufthansa, SAS and Turkish Airlines.

The DAA said British Airways and Emirates also launched significant new services from Dublin.

Over the past two years, DAA said it has returned €3m in airport charges rebates to its airline customers at Dublin, under it Growth Incentive Scheme.

Under the scheme, a rebate is paid to an airline based on its overall level of growth at Dublin during 2012.

The company has also offered additional incentive schemes to attract new routes and boost transfer traffic.

Three airports come under the DAA's remit -- Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

They recorded growth of 1pc last year to 22.8m passengers, which was also the second year of overall growth.