Friday 19 January 2018

Passenger dies after suffering a seizure on flight to Dublin


The man was on board Aer Lingus flight EI485 from Lisbon
The man was on board Aer Lingus flight EI485 from Lisbon

A man has died after suffering a 'violent seizure' on board a Dublin-bound plane, sparking a garda investigation.

A Portuguese man on board Aer Lingus flight EI485 from Lisbon was said to have appeared agitated and was struck down with a seizure during the flight. The plane was diverted to Cork, landing at around 5:40pm.

Airport paramedics and a HSE ambulance responded to the scene but the young man couldn't be saved.

He was declared dead following 20 minutes of CPR.

A second man was also treated for injuries when he was bitten while trying to help the ill man.

There were 168 passengers and six crew members on board the flight, all of whom were interviewed by gardai at Cork Airport.

One passenger, who did not wish to be named, said that the incident unfolded "chaotically" on board the flight.

The man was in the bathroom when "yelping" could be heard from further up the plane.

He exited the bathroom and was helped by those on board at the rear of the plane.

"The captain asked if there was any medical professionals on board and two nurses and a doctor went down to them," the passenger said.

"The guards were saying that they'd never seen anything like it ... it happened in quite a violent manner."

shaken Those involved were "visibly shaken", the passenger noted, before praising the conduct of staff on board.

"The staff were outstanding, they made sure everyone stayed calm. They were empathetic and reassuring," she said.

The incident continued for up to 50 minutes, according to the person on-board.

Gardai from Togher Garda Station were leading the investigation last night. A spokesman said that any death on an aircraft was investigated by gardai.

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