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Party gang raid sentence delay

SENTENCING of a youth who was part of a gang of masked raiders that smashed its way into a garden party and attacked revellers has been adjourned.

The 17-year-old boy had pleaded guilty earlier to a charge of violent disorder in connection with the incident at the woman's south Dublin family home in 2011.

A probation report on the teenager has been sought and yesterday at the Dublin Children's Court Judge John Coughlan adjourned the case for one week.

The juvenile court has already heard that up to eight masked raiders -- some armed with hurleys -- smashed their way in as a young woman was hosting a garden party to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Bbq gran puts six in hospital

Four young children were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after their grandmother brought a barbecue indoors to dry her washing.

The woman lit the device in the family kitchen in east London before leaving the house.

Her three-year-old granddaughter collapsed when she was overcome by the gas later that afternoon and was treated in hospital with five of her relatives.

Cat survives 80ft plunge

A stray cat that spent at least a week over Christmas stuck in a tree in Massachusetts has survived an 80ft plunge with just a couple of pulled muscles.

A Marion Animal Hospital vet said it was "unbelievable" that the cat had such slight injuries.

The cat was spotted in the tree on Christmas Eve. Several rescue attempts failed before firefighters cut the branch on which it sat. The cat is now at a shelter awaiting adoption.

Record year at Auschwitz

The Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site in southern Poland registered 1.43m visitors last year, a record.

The growing tourism is considered important in Holocaust education, but it is straining the site's barracks and other structures.

The Nazis murdered at least 1.1m people at Auschwitz-Birkenau, mostly Jews, but also Polish political prisoners, gypsies, homosexuals and others.