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Party bliss as Norton enjoys pints with Panti


Norton and O'Neill

Norton and O'Neill

Norton and Panti

Norton and Panti

Norton and O'Neill

AFTER being wowed by GAA fashion blogger Paul Galvin on the Late Late Show, where else was Graham Norton going to head for a late night drink other than Pantibar?

The Cork funny-man was home to promote his new autobiography and took the chance to catch up with Ireland's favourite drag queen - well, her alter ego Rory O'Neill.

O'Neill, who had a rare night off, didn't stray too far from home and enjoyed a drink with the talk- show host in his Capel Street bar.

"I've met Graham a few times at different things," the drag star told the Herald. "Even my nights off are not really nights off, as I always have to be up early or something."

The pair met up away from home last month at the Attitude Awards in London where Panti Bliss repeated her Noble Call speech to a standing ovation.


However, O'Neill was reluctant to spill the beans about the celebrity pals' Dublin night out.

Panti Bliss was given a special award at the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Awards for her "special contribution" on Saturday night.

"Unfortunately, I had to leave before the real socialising began because I had a show," lamented the hard-working performer.

Galvin certainly made an impression on Norton when they both appeared on Ryan Tubridy's Late Late couch.

Norton told listeners to his BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday: "I saw him walk out of the toilet and I thought, what an attractive tramp. How did he get in?" he joked.