Monday 11 December 2017

Partial eclipse of the sun next week

Solar eclipse will happen next week
Solar eclipse will happen next week

People across the country will be able to see a partial solar eclipse in ten days' time.

Peter Gallagher, Professor of Physics at Trinity College, said people will be able to observe the partial eclipse which will see up to 95pc of the sun covered.

The event will be visible from 8.24am to 10.30am approximately and it will be "quite dark" at 9.30am, Prof Gallagher said.

"It will be like a sunset. It will be quite dark at 9.30am and Venus will pop out," Prof Gallagher explained.

"The eclipse starts just off the coast of Greenland, and it rushes across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland at 1,700 kilometres per hour. It first hits land at the Faroe Islands," he added.


However, the majority of us will see a partial solar eclipse which will see up to 90pc of the sun covered.

Donegal will be the best place to see the eclipse, as it will be possible to see 95pc of the sun covered there, according to Prof Gallagher who spoke on RTE's Morning Ireland.

A total solar eclipse is quite rare and only happens every 400 years. The next solar eclipse won't be until 2026, Prof Gallagher said.

People are advised not to look directly at the sun as it can cause damage.

Check out eclipse2015.ie for more information.

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