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Park man saves dog owner from torrent

Declan Ryan

A GOOD Samaritan came to the rescue of a man who got into difficulty while trying to rescue his dog from a raging stream in a Dublin park.

Declan Ryan (34) told how he was working for the Office of Public Works in the grounds of St Enda's Park in Rathfarnham when the drama unfolded on Thursday afternoon.

He had been in the process of helping to lock-up the park when he spotted a man in need of urgent help.

"I saw a man at the edge of the river, trying to get up, but struggling," said Declan.


He said the man kept sliding back down the bank, right to the edge of the water.

The man's dog had jumped into the water and was nearly swept away, which was why his owner had gone down the embankment.

But the white Labrador managed to scramble out by itself.

The man had not entered the water, but the embankment - which had been made slippery by heavy rain - proved tricky for the man to climb up again.

"I saw the bank was very mucky," said Declan, who estimated the man to be in his 50s.

"I just saw the dog coming back out of the river, and the man trying to get back up.

"He saw me. He was facing upwards trying to get up, but sliding back down.

"It was lucky I was going round to lock-up."

Declan, who lives in Swords, grabbed the man by the hand and hauled him up.

"He said, 'Thanks very much for your help'. He looked a bit shocked," said Declan. "The dog was grand, just shaking the wet off.

"The man shook my hand and I walked him up to the gate to make sure he was okay."

Dad-of-two Declan had been going around putting signs on the gates of the park which was being locked at 4.30pm.

The Whitechurch stream in the park runs into a lake in the grounds. It later joins the Owendoher river and flows into the Dodder.

Torrential rain throughout Thursday had caused water levels to swell

Meanwhile, a woman was rescued late on Thursday night after she fell overboard from a boat in a harbour in Co Clare.

A member of the public reported hearing someone shouting for help on the Lough Derg shoreline near Killaloe at around 8.30pm.


The Killaloe unit of the Irish Coast Guard was alerted and was able to respond to the incident within minutes as one member had been at the base at the time.

Soon after launching, personnel on the rescue boat located a cruise boat tied alongside at Harbour Village.

The two people on board reported that a third crew member had lost her footing and fallen from the jetty into the harbour.

The woman's husband and two members of the public managed to rescue her from the water.

Irish Coast Guard first-responders administered first aid. The woman was taken to University Hospital Limerick and is expected to make a full recovery.