Monday 21 January 2019

Parents warned to monitor alcohol as Junior Certs party

PARENTS are being urged to ensure their children don't make alcohol a part of their celebrations for Junior Cert results night.

Those who purchase alcohol for teenagers are "doing them no favours", according to a drinks industry group.

Teens may try to solicit an older person to buy drink for them ahead of celebrations but adults are being warned to avoid this at all costs.


With thousands of teens set to celebrate their results tomorrow off-licences are also being urged to be hyper-vigilant of minors stocking up on alcohol.

In order to keep teens safe on the night the National Parent's Council is suggesting that mums and dads get involved in the party.

Having a stay-at-home night with friends may be the way to go, they have advised.

"Parents and young people need to communicate with each other about results night and any plans they are making," said Lynda O'Shea of the National Parent's Council (NCP).

Arrange lifts to and from parties in advance and be sure that any disco your child attends is alcohol-free, she advised.

Other measures that parents can take to make sure their children enjoy a safe night out include limiting cash that they have on them.

Funds should stretch to cover cab fare but parents should be conscious of just how much spending money pupils have on them.

Alternative arrangements like a night at the cinema or bowling may help avoid underage drinking, according to the parent's council.


While results celebrations for Junior Cert students generally attract a lot of criticism for binge-drinking among youngsters, figures show less than half of teens admit to drinking.

The latest Government figures show that just over half of those under 18 reported that they don't drink.

Over 54pc of teens questioned said they had never tried alcohol, according to a study by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.


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