Monday 24 September 2018

Parents tell of agony as 'scumbag' driver in city crash that killed their daughter is jailed for over 8 years


Sinead Maguire’s parents Lillian and Raymond outside court after Eric Wansboro received a eight and a half year jail sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Photo: Court Collins.
Sinead Maguire’s parents Lillian and Raymond outside court after Eric Wansboro received a eight and a half year jail sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Photo: Court Collins.
Sinead Maguire died after the car driven by Eric Wansboro crashed into a lampost in Fairview.

The father of a 43-year-old Dublin woman who was killed when the car she was a back-seat passenger in crashed, has described the gangland thug who was driving as a "total scumbag."

Heartbroken Raymond Maguire spoke to the Herald yesterday after career criminal Eric Wansboro (27) was jailed for five and a half years for dangerous driving causing the death of his beloved daughter Sinead Maguire, in Fairview on May 29 last year.

Mr Maguire spoke of his disgust that supporters of the dangerous criminal cheered after the sentence was imposed yesterday and he also paid tribute to tragic Sinead.

"His supporters were saying that Wansboro will be able to do that sentence on his back and the problem is they are probably right," Mr Maguire said.

"He will get out in a few years and he will continue doing the exact same thing as he always did. Wansboro is a total scumbag who is up to his neck in crime.


"As a family, we are happy enough with the sentence but it won't bring Sinead back. She was a lovely, decent, honest girl who had a heart of gold and we miss her so much," Mr Maguire explained before adding that his family are "relieved" that the court process is over.

Speaking outside the court, his wife Lillian said: "There's no winners. I've lost a daughter I've lost a carer, my best friend. My two brothers miss her something dreadful.. her father, her cousins, her godchildren, it goes on and on, the damage.

"I don't take pleasure out of the sentence either. It doesn't help, it won't bring her back.

"Sinead was a lovely girl, very child-like, loved Halloween from the time she was a child and, still at age 43 , still enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, loved children, just had a new job. I don't feel anything to be hones. Sort of numb".

Wansboro is one of the capital's most reckless criminals and has been a target for the Garda Organised Crime Unit and other garda units for years after his involvement in the bloody Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.

He previously served a four-year sentence for possession of a 9mm calibre revolver and a serious assault and had links to the gang led by convicted killer Brian Rattigan, as well as the D22 mob led by thug Karl Breen who died of an overdose earlier this year.

Before going into custody in January, Wansboro was causing mayhem in the capital and was arrested by gardai investigating an incident in the Oliver Bond flats complex in the south inner city in which a 23-year-old man was brutally stabbed in the leg on the night of January 11.

Less than a fortnight later, Wansboro was arrested by Clontarf gardai in relation to a high-speed chase in the Drumcondra area in which he ended up driving on the wrong side of the road before crashing his car.

A three-year suspended jail term was also activated on Wansboro yesterday for an offence of driving a stolen car in December, 2011, meaning that he was jailed for a total of eight and a half years

At Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Mary Ellen Ring said the only factor that caused the death of Ms Maguire and injuries to the other passenger, Liam McDonagh, was Wansboro's driving. The court heard that a witness estimated the car to be moving at a speed of 100kph at a T-junction which had a speed limit of 50kph.

Wansboro was trying to take the right turn but instead the car continued forward and hit a tree and a lamp post.

A garda forensic investigator put the minimum speed at the point of impact at 82kph.

A post mortem carried out by Professor Marie Cassidy identified severe neck and spinal injuries as the cause of Ms Maguire's death. Wansboro was driving the Toyota Avensis at speed while being pursued by a garda car.

Gardai had earlier attempted to pull him over to check for tax and insurance.


The patrol car appeared at the scene shortly after the fatal crash and gardai found all three occupants unconscious.

The car was reduced to scrap by the crash and every panel and mechanical component was damaged, the court heard.

Mr McDonagh, the front passenger, was not wearing a seatbelt and suffered a fractured jaw and lost five teeth.

The court heard that Wansboro's heart was "blown" during the crash and his aorta had to be rebuilt by surgeons. He also suffered damage to his frontal brain lobe and has no recollection of the crash.

Since his release from jail in 2011, Wansboro has had a number of brushes with the law and in January 2012, he was arrested by the Organised Crime Unit in the City West area of the capital for the alleged possession of a firearm but was not charged.

He is a former soldier and champion boxer who paid €300 to buy himself out of the army when his abuse of alcohol and cocaine led him to being absent without leave on numerous occasions.

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