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Parents slam beauty course for teen girls

THE owner of a beauty school which is running classes for 13-to-16-year-old girls has defended the course saying it is not an attempt to “glamorise or sexualise teenagers”.

The National Parents Council Post-Primary (NPCPP) criticised the course at Dublin city centre-based Beauty Bootcamp saying it could encourage an unhealthy obsession with looks.

The group took issue with the way the school was advertised.

A line on the website says the classes have been designed with “the needs and obsessions of today’s teen in mind”.

“Come September, at the school gates we wouldn’t like to see competition among young girls with regards their beauty regimes,” said Don Myers, president of the NCPP.

“We are not objecting to teenagers wearing make-up, but we believe the age group is too young,” he continued.

However the beauty school’s owner, Liz Dwyer, defended the courses.

“This is no attempt to glamorise or sexualise teenagers,” she said. “Whether you’re 13 or 30 you are expected to have your make up right, yet there are no services available for a lot of girls out there to achieve this.”

The classes run during June, July and August with topics covered including skincare, nail art and hair styling.

Ms Dwyer (35), a journalist for over 10 years, has contributed to various TV shows and magazines.

She said she was approached by mothers who attended her adult classes to run private courses for their daughters.

Such was the demand, Ms Dwyer decided to open the one-week course to the public.

“Teenagers commonly won’t listen to their parents. But they’ll take on board advice from celebrity make up artists who have worked on shows such as