Thursday 14 December 2017

Parents longing for return to school days ... but only for a week, thanks

KIDS around the country have spent the summer dreading back-to-school but their parents are jealous of their fresh start.

Most mums and dads would like the chance to return to school – albeit just for a few days.

As their children return to school, 58pc of parents say they would like to re-live their school days for a week.

The survey by Kelloggs of 512 parents found over half (55pc) remember looking forward to the new school year as a child, while 85pc said they looked forward to seeing friends again.

It also found that parents are more stressed about back to school than their children.

Primary pupils are happier to return than secondary students (71pc compared with 54pc), say parents. Claire McFerran, marketing director at Kellogg's, said: "Although few of us realise it at the time, school days are some of the best days of your life."

The research also found that cereal is the most popular breakfast for children, with 91pc of households consuming it on a weekday morning.

Toast came in second place, consumed in 37pc of households, while only 1pc of children got a fry up.


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