Saturday 19 January 2019

'Paranoid' Kinahan cartel demands book of evidence in bid to track down mole

Mobster Daniel Kinahan heads up the criminal outfit
Mobster Daniel Kinahan heads up the criminal outfit

The "paranoid" Kinahan cartel is turning on once-trusted lieutenants as it searches for a mole in its ranks. Sources have revealed that the drugs mob has become increasingly suspicious of gardai turning former allies into touts.

Gangsters are determined to root out any rats they believe have been turning over information to gardai, with one jailed criminal currently under the spotlight, according to insiders.

The Herald can reveal that the international crime cartel - led by Daniel Kinahan - is demanding that the man, awaiting trial for serious charges, hand over his book of evidence for inspection.

They suspect that the north inner city man may have provided crucial information on several feud-related murders to gardai while being questioned before he was charged.

"They are basically saying 'we want that book of evidence' and it is expected that he will have to hand it over," a source said.


"The cartel thinks that the book might show that he was co-operating with gardai after he was arrested earlier this year.

"That has certainly been the talk among the criminals."

A book of evidence is given to a defendant before a criminal trial and outlines the State's case against the accused person, as well as other information about the upcoming case.

The Herald cannot reveal the identity of the under-pressure jailed suspect.

It has emerged the jailed man has been "kept apart" from another north inner city criminal who is suspected of being a hitman for the Kinahan cartel because of fears over his safety.

Should the crime outfit suspect he is giving up information to gardai, retribution could be swift against the man, even inside jail while awaiting his trial.

Criminal outfits are well known for double-checking whether their gang members have provided information to gardai. Before, when being questioned under caution in garda stations, the recorded video interview was provided to a solicitor for the arrested individual.

This in turn was provided to their crime overlords to view and ensure they had not cracked under questioning.

Previously, when a criminal was openly abusing and swearing at gardai during questioning, the video was played in pubs for the amusement of crime gang members.

Sources have also revealed that the under-threat criminal was "goaded" a prison officer while involved in a verbal altercation.

He was previously closely linked to the so-called New INLA who aligned themselves to the Kinahan faction in their feud with the Hutch mob which has so far claimed 10 lives.

A Ballymun man, who is a key member of this faction, was arrested in June for the feud murder of Gareth Hutch (35) last May, but was released. An adjourned inquest heard recently that Hutch died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The Ballymun man is a close pal of Christopher Maguire (38), who survived an attempted murder in July in Lusk in north Dublin which has left the gangster "rattled".


Another close associate of the Ballymun man from the capital's north inner city is also wanted for questioning about the Gareth Hutch murder. Both Hutch suspects are close associates of the under-pressure jailed man.

The ongoing gangland feud was sparked when Gary Hutch, who had been working for the Kinahan cartel, was killed by the gang in Spain in September last year.

One of the last major incidents in the feud was the attempted murder of Gareth Hutch's father John Hutch Snr at his home. Following the attempt, John Hutch Snr then fled the country, like his brother Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, and he was not present at an inquest hearing into his son's death.

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