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Paranoid criminal feared garda raid was hit team


Gareth Chubb feared hit

Gareth Chubb feared hit

Gareth Chubb feared hit

A Kinahan cartel associate, whose home was raided by armed detectives, feared the officers were a team of assassins who had entered the property to carry out a hit.

An address linked to Gareth Chubb (29) was searched by members of the Special Detective Unit (SDU) as well as local units in south Dublin in an operation targeting the convicted drug dealer.

Chubb, originally from Keeper Road in Drimnagh, is linked to members of the Kinahan cartel including senior lieutenants Liam Byrne and Freddie Thompson.

Gardai received information that the gangland target had been residing at an address in Rathfarnham, south Dublin, despite stating that he still resides in Drimnagh.

The bizarre incident occurred a number of months ago, but details only emerged this week.

When armed detectives burst into the modest property, Chubb and another young associate feared that a gangland hit team were there to carry out an assassination.

A source explained how Chubb was “momentarily relieved” when he realised that it was in fact gardai carrying out a raid.

“He certainly feared the worst when his property was raided and thought he was going to be whacked,” a source said.


“He thought that was it for him. Chubb was momentarily relieved when he discovered it was actually armed detectives rather than assassins.

“However, his relief was short-lived and he began to verbally abuse the officers searching his home.”

Chubb is known to have a deep hatred towards gardai and was recently given a four-month prison sentence for damaging a patrol car during a routine search.

During the incident the gangland figure called the arresting officers “rats” while saying “do you know who I f***ing am?”

When asked if that was his real name, he said: “No, you f***ing rats, my name is Gareth Chubb.”

Gardai asked to carry out a drugs search. He continued to shout, telling the gardai “to go f*** themselves”, but then consented to the search.

Chubb’s home address in Dublin 8 was previously shot at as part of the Crumlin/Drimnagh feud which claimed 16 lives, and he is described as one of the “up and coming” players in the Dublin drug scene.

He was also at a gathering following the funeral ceremony of David Byrne (33), who died at the Regency Hotel shooting earlier this year.

The funeral afters were held at the Belgard Inn, where Chubb, Liam Byrne and Liam Roe were among the 100-strong crowd being observed by armed and uniformed gardai.

However, the night passed off without incident.