Friday 15 December 2017

Panti Bliss in battle to keep neon sign at city centre pub

panti Bar
panti Bar
Panti Bliss

Ireland's favourite drag queen Panti Bliss (Rory O'Neill) is determined to save a neon sign from being removed from the wall of his pub on Dublin's Capel Street.

The sign, which proclaims Panti Bar in glowing letters, has been criticised for failing to conform to planning laws.

O'Neill was issued with a warning by city planners, but has now announced he is to seek a retention of the sign.

A council spokesman confirmed to the Herald last night that the warning was issued under Section 152 of the Planning Act and that the matter was being "actively pursued".

The council spokesman refused to say how many people complained but said all complainants will be kept updated.

Mr O'Neill has now announced on Facebook that he is taking action to keep "our gorgeous Pantibar sign".

He was aware that Capel Street was part of the city centre's Special Area of Conservation "and with that comes a lot of regulations about the type of signage allowed", he stated.

He confirmed he had been asked by the city council to remove the sign.

"We haven't yet, while we argue our case. The planners aren't picking on us, or necessarily against our sign, they are just doing their job," he said.


"We have applied for 'retention' of our sign, based on the fact that the relevant regulations allow for exceptions to be made for signs that have social, cultural, or artistic merit.

"It is my contention that our sign has all three of those things, and currently we are making our case on that basis," he said.

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