Thursday 22 August 2019

Palin plays Trump card in bid to drum up support for White House run

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump exchanged words of admiration after a brief meeting at the real estate magnate's penthouse in a Manhattan skyscraper bearing his name.

Mrs Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee, said she and Mr Trump shared similar ideas for improving the US economy, while Mr Trump called Mrs Palin a "terrific woman and a terrific friend" whom he hoped would seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Their 15-minute meeting, part political parley and part reality TV show, capped the third day of Mrs Palin's bus trip through historic sites along the East Coast.

Mrs Palin has said she is considering joining the field of Republican candidates vying to challenge President Barack Obama next year.

Earlier, Mrs Palin, her husband, Todd, and several family members toured sites in Pennsylvania, including the Gettysburg Civil War battlefield and Philadelphia's Independence Hall. Mr Trump, the multimillionaire host of the reality show Celebrity Apprentice who mused about a presidential bid himself before dropping out of the running earlier this month, made headlines painting the US as a country in decline.

He criticised China for unfair trade practices and said the US under Barack Obama had become a "laughing stock" to the rest of the world.


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