Monday 21 May 2018

Pair steal €10k in armed city raid

The Burger King restaurant where the pair burst in and took €10,000 in an armed raid
The Burger King restaurant where the pair burst in and took €10,000 in an armed raid

Armed robbers left diners terrified as they held up a fastfood restaurant - fleeing with up to €10,000 in a noon raid yesterday.

Gardai last night continued their search for the pair, who burst into a Burger King in Dublin's Northside before grabbing cash and escaping on push-bikes.

The men approached the restaurant in Ayrfield at midday. One was carrying what is thought to have been a firearm.

He threatened staff and the pair fled with two bags full of money in the direction of Malahide Road.

A source said the robbers took up to €10,000. The raid is said to have brought fear and alarm to the area.

Gardai said that no one had been reported injured and inquiries were continuing.

No arrests had been made last night.

The manager of the restaurant declined to comment on the incident last night.

City councillor Paddy Bourke said it was outrageous that a gun was brandished in a diner used by large numbers of the public.


"It's a shocking affair," he told the Herald. "The restaurant is a popular place for people to pop in for a quick bite.

"I often use it myself. The use of firearms to rob the place is just going too far," said Mr Bourke.

"It's all very, very worrying. Too many people have access to firearms. Guns are now supposed to be included in every consignment of drugs that are imported into the country by the criminals.

"I wouldn't like to see ordinary gardai on the beat having to carry guns but we need the special armed garda units," he added.

"People are nearly scared to go out these days with all the gun crimes.

"I hope the gardai have leads in this case to arrests.

"The use of guns in situations like this is a very big concern."

Last month, a shop worker was knocked unconscious and about €25,000 of merchandise was stolen in an armed robbbery on a Spar in the capital.

The shop on Clogher Road, Crumlin, was targeted 30 minutes after the store closed for business on August 17.

The raiders on that occasion were armed with a handgun and a knife.

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