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Pair drop €50k case over hotel room claims

A 22-YEAR-OLD furniture salesman told a court yesterday that hotel security staff got him out of bed and forced him to dress in front of them.

Luke Connors, of Tullow Road, Carlow, said he had been sharing a two-bed room with his sister, Kathleen, in Jurys Inn, Christchurch, Dublin, when two security men walked in and told him to get dressed while they searched the room.


Connors and his 24-year-old sister, also from Tullow Road, claimed they had been “walked” to the hotel reception where they were questioned and defamed in front of other guests.

Luke Connors denied a suggestion by barrister Conor Kearney, counsel for Jurys Inns Group Ltd, that the incident never happened and had been fabricated by him and his sister.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane heard that Connors’ wife had been in labour in The Coombe Hospital on April 18, 2012 and he and his sister had decided to stay overnight in Jurys. He had paid for the room with his debit card and had signed in but his sister had not registered.

When Kathleen had gone to reception with his room card key to pick up a phone charger she had been brought back by two security men who had used her key to enter the room as he lay in bed.

“They wouldn’t leave. They just stood there as I dressed and then searched the room. They walked us back to reception. I was so upset and embarrassed. My sister was then registered and the night manager apologised and offered us free breakfast in the morning,” he said.

Kathleen Connors said two security men had stopped her and asked her how she got in. They said they had a break-in and thought it was them. She felt “low and embarrassed” by it all.


Hotel security manager Bernard Fahey said he had only spoken to the Connors in the bar and when he found Ms Connors had not been registered he asked her to do so at reception.

He said there had been no break-in on the night and he had not gone to their room.

Hotel manager Colm McDonnell said there had been no incident recorded on the night.

Following talks Judge Linnane was told the Connors’ were withdrawing their damages claims for €50,000 each and the cases were struck out.