Monday 25 March 2019

Paedo mobster Griffin using four safe houses in a bid to evade rivals

Child rapist Christy Griffin was released from jail last week
Child rapist Christy Griffin was released from jail last week

Paedophile gang boss Christy Griffin is using up to four safe houses in the north inner city and north Dublin as he continues to evade his gangland rivals, the Herald can reveal.

Yesterday morning gardai were notified of a Dublin address that Griffin claims he is using as his permanent home.

But senior sources say detectives have "serious reservations" about whether the recently freed criminal is living there permanently.

Griffin (48) was obliged to provide gardai with a home address by yesterday after his release from Midlands Prison last week, because he is on the sex offenders register.


It has emerged that this happened yesterday morning but sources have revealed that gardai are aware he has been staying at three addresses other than the one he has provided to officers.

"For the moment, it is fair to say that he is complying with his obligations under the Sex Offenders Act but there are serious reservations about the information he has provided," one senior source said.

"Yes, he has been spending time at the address that he has provided but he has also been staying elsewhere in different parts of the northside.

"Gardai will be keeping a close eye on him to ensure that he is staying where he has said that he is.

"There is information that he has stayed in four different properties since he was released and this is being looked at.

"For the moment, he is just about in compliance with the Act but gardai are not overly satisfied with the information he has provided."

Griffin has not been involved in any criminal incidents since his release and it is understood that he has not been formally warned by gardai of an active threat against his life.

The convicted rapist was collected and driven away from Midlands Prison last Wednesday by an associate from the north inner city who runs a motorcycle shop.

The north inner city feud which broke out after allegations against Griffin emerged led to five people being murdered and several gun attacks.


In 2011, Griffin had his life sentence for the rape of his then partner's daughter reduced to 15 years by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

He had been locked up since 2007 and there had already been two tit-for-tat gun murders linked to the bitter feud when he was originally jailed.

Griffin's vile actions led to a vendetta in the north inner city where once-loyal associates turned against each other and took sides for and against the sex offender.

Griffin's home was sprayed with gunfire in 2005 and a grenade was thrown at the property in 2006.

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