Tuesday 22 January 2019

Paddy's Day extravaganza for Tallaght

TALLAGHT stadium is to play host to the suburb's first official St Patrick's Day celebrations in years.

The event will feature music, dancing and a fireworks display, will be free of charge and aims to involve as many local community groups as possible.

South Dublin County Council detailed the plans following a question by Cllr Eamonn Walsh (FF) at Monday's meeting of South Dublin County Council.

"There has been no formal St Patrick's Day celebration in Tallaght for many years and the council, along with the people of Tallaght, is now making arrangements to mark St Patrick's Day this year," a spokesperson said.

"At least three local marching bands will perform at Tallaght Stadium. Local sports clubs and individual sports people will be taking part, as well as a wide range of community groups and dancers. The event will close with a fireworks display."

The idea is to involve as many members of the local community as possible, and at the same time to provide entertainment for those attending the event as spectators.

"Tallaght Stadium is a county venue that many people will be familiar with through the football matches and several other sporting and Community events that have taken place there since it opened two years ago," the spokesperson said.

"However, there are many people who have never been to the facility and this gives them a great opportunity to see first-hand what a magnificent facility it is, and most importantly, that it is a community facility for the people of South Dublin, as well as being a venue for top-class sport."

Meanwhile, the council is supporting a St Patrick's Day parade in Lucan again this year. The parade will include five major bands and twenty or more local groups.


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