Friday 19 April 2019

Outrage at call for more tolls on M50 blasted by hauliers


M50 congestion
M50 congestion

A bid by the National Road Authority (NRA) to increase the number of tolls on the M50 has been widely criticised by motorists groups and business representatives.

The NRA has warned that more tolls on the busy Dublin motorway need to be introduced to prevent congestion.

Chief executive Fred Barry said traffic on the route would soon be a major problem unless controls were put in place to alleviate use.

However, the president of the Irish Road Haulage Association, Verona Murphy, said she "completely rejects" the suggestion.

"It's ludicrous that there are people actually in this position making statements like this. We are trying to progress as a country, not revert," Ms Murphy told the Herald last night.

Ms Murphy, who was this week appointed as the second female president in the IRHA's history, suggested the NRA consider measures to successfully recover tolls that are unpaid by foreign vehicles.

"They are in the thousands, if not millions, of euro. The congestion is there because of these vehicles," she said.

The Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association (ISME) is also against the proposal, saying it would directly affect small businesses and push up costs without any extra benefit.

"There have been previous plans to have another orbital route further out from the M50, we would have thought that was the answer to this," ISME CEO, Mark Fielding told the Herald.


Connor Faughnan of AA Roadwatch also spoke out against the proposals.

"It would have immediate effect of recongesting suburbs like Dundrum, Sandyford, Blanchardstown and Castleknock," he said.

Additional tolls "will be to force traffic off the motorway" which will be "horrible for the affected suburbs," he added.

The Department of Transport has ruled out the suggested increase in tolling points along the M50.

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