Wednesday 23 January 2019

Out of control... most dangerous man in our jails

MEET Ireland's most dangerous prisoner -- vicious thug Leon Wright.

Wright has amassed 169 serious breaches of discipline since he first entered the Irish prison system in October, 2005.

The 22-year-old from Lucan, south Dublin, is in the punishment unit of Portlaoise Prison after he broke a prison officer's nose and injured another officer in an unprovoked attack in Dublin's Wheatfield Prison.

Sources say that Wright -- who was jailed for 10 years in March, 2007, for a litany of violent crimes, including robbery, hijacking, assault and threatening to kill gardai -- is a "ticking time bomb who is capable of anything.

"He is possibly the angriest young man in Ireland."


He was only 18 when he was sentenced on those 25 charges and at that stage he had 44 previous convictions. In total Wright has 79 previous criminal convictions.

Jail sources say that he is the most violent prisoner that they have ever come across -- even worse than notorious criminal Leroy Dumbrell (25) whose return to Mountjoy Prison last August sparked a wildcat strike by prison officers.

While Dumbrell received over 75 'P19' reports from the prison authorities while serving an eight-year sentence, Wright has almost 100 more.

These reports are issued when disciplinary action is taken against an inmate for serious misbehaviour.

Shockingly these include 22 incidents where he assaulted prison officers, as well as 23 occasions where he verbally threatened staff in prison.

Wright has also been 'reported' for being in fights with other prisoners 27 different times and has damaged prison property 25 times while serving his sentence.

When imposing sentence on Wright four years ago, Judge Michael White said he presented the court with a "huge difficulty" in the very "unusual case" due to his extremely violent background and the court's duty to society.

The judge noted that that while Wright could be clear and articulate he was disposed to violence and was at a "very high risk of reoffending".

Evidence had been given that Wright stabbed a youth in the leg during a robbery at St Stephen's Green and at a later date hijacked two cars from women shopping at Liffey Valley.

In another incident he was involved in a 15-minute stand-off with gardai in Lucan while armed with a knife, and threatening to go into a house and kill the occupants. He also violently resisted arrest in Skerries, Co Dublin, where he spat at, tried to bite and grabbed the testicles of a garda.

Prison has not changed Wright's behaviour.

He has been caught with prohibited articles such as mobile phones, drugs and weapons 18 different times since entering the prison system.

He has also set fire to his own cell on two occasions during that time as well.

Wright has served his sentences at four different prisons -- Wheatfield, Mountjoy, the Midlands and Portlaoise.


But sources say "wherever he goes, he causes major trouble. That is why he has spent most of his time on 23-hour-lock up."

Sources say that before the last violent incident he was involved in at Wheatfield, prison officers warned management in the jail that he should not be allowed into the general prison population after a stint in a punishment unit.

However this warning was not heeded and Wright brutally assaulted two prison officers within days.

Wright's last brush with the court system occurred last June when he was given a six-month sentence for assaulting a prison officer in Mountjoy.


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