Sunday 19 November 2017

Oscar-winning designer behind new Dublin logo

The new logo for a Dublin tourist campaign
The new logo for a Dublin tourist campaign
Annie Atkins

The Oscar-winning designer of Dublin's latest re-branding for tourists has said she "wanted to create a logo that felt like a holiday".

Annie Atkins, who won the Acadamy Award for best production design for her distinctive art work on Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, was selected to design the rebranding.

The logo for the €1m 'Dublin: A Breath of Fresh Air' campaign was launched to promote walks on the beach, winding country paths and whimsical cultural experiences.

Ms Atkins, who works for local firm Think & Son, said that it is part of a bid to re- imagine the capital's 'party city' reputation.

"We found that people from other countries don't really know that Dublin is so close to the mountains and the sea, so we wanted to take the opportunity to convey that," she said.

Atkins says she was inspired by the tagline.

"The obvious meaning is that it's literally fresh air here - Dublin is sandwiched right between the mountains and the sea, so there's plenty of activities for our visitors, like kayaking and hillwalking.

"But it's also metaphorically a breath of fresh air - I think people feel revived mentally after a visit here.

"Dubliners are such a humorous and smart bunch of people, it's hard to leave here without looking at the world a little differently afterwards," she said.

The designer also incorporated the symbol of two swifts to signify the holiday message.

"Swifts are summer visitors to Dublin. They prefer cities to the countryside because they like to build their nests in our old Georgian brickwork."

This fresh look for the city and county will seek to highlight lesser known aspects of Dublin - from days out clambering up mountains to visiting eclectic art galleries.

The investment is the result of work by the Grow Dublin Tourism Alliance alongside Failte Ireland, with financing from private and public sector bodies.

Tourism Minister Paschal Donohoe said: "We've a huge diversity to offer - a vibrancy within our city that we want new people to experience. But we also have a breadth of outdoor experience."

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