Wednesday 17 January 2018

Online outrage as Jamelia says plus-size shoppers should be forced from high street



Singer Jamelia has landed in hot water after commenting that high street shops shouldn't stock clothes in larger sizes, by claiming it's not right "to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle".

The former Voice of Ireland judge (34) said that she believed people that were over or underweight should be forced to buy clothes in specialist shops to discourage them from leading an "unhealthy" lifestyle.

"I do not think it's right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle," she said. "In the same way (that) I don't believe that a size zero should be available, it's not a healthy size for an average woman to be.

"I don't believe they (high street stores) should be providing clothes for below that range or above that range."

Speaking on UK chat show Loose Women, the singer said specialist shops were needed "but you should feel uncomfortable if you are unhealthy... to be available in every high street store, I don't think that's right."


Model agent Vicki Mooney, who runs Irish plus size agency V+ Models, blasted the presenter for her "irresponsible" remarks.

"I think it's quite juvenile of her to be honest," Vicki told the Herald.

"Obesity is an epidemic, but so are eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

"To single out people that could be going through puberty or hormonal changes is irresponsible."

She added, "She's a role model to every woman whether they're a size six or 26, and she should think more carefully about what she says."

After facing a massive backlash on social media, mum-of-two Jamelia yesterday apologised for her comments on the issue - while adding that she still stands by her views.

"Knowing that I offended people really upset me, " she wrote on her Facebook page. "Knowing that I made people question themselves and their choices, it really did upset me. All I can do is apologise for that.

"I do stand by what I said. I'm a real woman with real opinions.

"I get paid to voice my opinions."

Commenting on the public's reaction to her views, she wrote, "It's been absolutely awful but this is my job. I believe we are all entitled to our opinion.


"I genuinely love people and believe everyone has the right to feel wonderful and feel beautiful and it was never my intention to make people feel any less than what they are."

"I am not some pantomime villain.

"I am a parent and I am a woman, and I want the best for us all," she said.

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