Sunday 17 December 2017

One-in-five households have three TVs

Sceptical: Pat Rabbitte
Sceptical: Pat Rabbitte

THE way we watch TV is changing but the television set still has pride of place in many homes.

As Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte prepares to bring in a new broadcasting charge, research shows that most households have two televisions.

A survey of 1,000 consumers has found that nearly 20pc of households have three and 14pc own four or more.

Moone Boy star Chris O'Dowd is the nation's favourite actor selected by 26pc, closely followed by Love/Hate actor Robert Sheehan chosen by 23pc.

The new Panasonic Ireland survey shows that our favourite series is Father Ted (46pc), followed by Love/Hate (34pc).

The Minister has been insisting that he doesn't believe that there are still 'cavemen' in the country who do not watch TV.

He was defending the decision to bring in a new broadcasting charge which will hit all households even if they do not have a television.

Minister Rabbitte has ruled out any exemption from the broadcasting charge for those who say they don't watching TV on any device.

"People claiming that they neither have a tv nor ever access any public service content, I think one has to look at somewhat sceptically," he said.

The new research reveals that four in 10 consumers use other devices for viewing programmes. Young adults (51pc), men (43pc) and Dublin dwellers (42pc) are most likely to watch television from multiple devices.

The survey revealed that that four in 10 interact with social media while watching television. A total of 34pc update Twitter or Facebook accounts and 16pc comment on social media about a show they are watching.

Young adults (63pc) and women (45pc) are the groups most active on social media while watching television.

And 10pc find the social media commentary more interesting than the show itself.

The research showed that nine in 10 consumers prefer a television model that allows good viewing from any angle.

Almost two thirds (63pc) of all televisions programmes are consumed in real time rather than later. This is highest for men (71pc) and mature adults (77pc).

A further 26pc of television content is viewed after being aired, and this is most evident in women (30pc) and young adults (28pc).

In Dublin, 35pc of those surveyed owned one television, compared to 27pc in the rest of Leinster. Around 6pc said they didn't own a television.


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