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O’Neill urges Keane to stay with Ireland

Ireland manager Martin O’Neill has urged Roy Keane to stay around as his assistant for the two year contract.

A former Celtic manager himself, O’Neill admitted that there had been informal talks between his old club and Keane regarding the vacant manager job. But he said that the Corkman is currently weighing up his options.

“I would like him to stay here for every reason under the sun,” O’Neill said. “I think it would be great. He is thinking things over, including a couple of other offers as well.”


Celtic FC issued a statement last night that confirmed they were in discussions with “a number of excellent candidates” for the top job. And O’Neill said that he and Keane have discussed the way forward.

“I’ve had a conversation. I’ve had chats with him. We had a chat in the morning,” O’Neill added.

“I’ll speak to him again and he’ll keep me in the loop the whole way through.”

Roy’s former mentor at Sunderland FC, Niall Quinn told the

“If he’s offered the job, it would be a tough one to turn down because it’s ideal,” Niall said. “I for one wouldn’t condemn him for turning down the Ireland because Celtic is a great opportunity.”

And so far O’Neill has echoed this sentiment - when asked if he would give his blessing if offered the job at Celtic.

“It’s a very good point that, depending on how you deal with blessing’,” he said.

“I would be disappointed, obviously, if he’s gone, but a club like Celtic is a very, very big club and maybe sometimes those particular offers might not come around too often. I kind of felt when I took him in the first place over the course of next 18 months or two years that this thing is likely to happen. He was going right back into high profile again. Perhaps I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.”

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