Saturday 18 January 2020

One in four fear being named if they report insurance fraud

Allianz CEO Sean McGrath
Allianz CEO Sean McGrath

A quarter of Irish people fear being identified if they report a fraudulent insurance claim, a new study has shown.

An Allianz survey found significant differences in attitudes towards what constitutes insurance fraud.

Eight per cent of respondents admitted that if they were in a car accident, they would make a claim higher than the actual damaged caused.

When asked to rank what fraudulent activities were the worst, 41pc said claiming for a false injury in an insurance claim was the most fraudulent.

Thirty-two per cent of those surveyed reported that setting up policies under someone else's name without their know- ledge was the next most dishonest and fraudulent act.

When questioned further, 8pc saw exaggerating an injury as a fraudulent act, while only 5pc said they would consider overstating the value of a claim as a potential fraud.

Only 1pc of Irish adults felt that adding an extra item that was not damaged or stolen would constitute insurance fraud.


Allianz CEO Sean McGrath said that for the public, reporting any crime took courage.

"While insurance fraud is a crime, it is seen, by some as a victimless crime," he said.

"However, much more needs to be done to educate the public as to the consequences of committing insurance fraud and the effects it is having on Irish business and consumers nationwide.

"We need to help change the attitudes towards making any false insurance claim as a victimless crime.

"These little temptations cost the public in the long run."

Mr McGrath added that this year, Allianz was preparing to fight more than 600 suspicious claims.

"Allianz saved more than €20,000 per claimant in 2018 by fighting suspicious claims in court, which is in our customers' best interest," he added.

The survey was conducted by Red C Research.

To report suspected insurance fraud, contact Insurance Confidential on 1890 333 333 or visit www.insuranceconfidential.ie

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