Wednesday 13 December 2017

Oh dear, how do i say this? healy rae may well be right

You'd have thought that most TDs would have better things to be worrying about than pandering to absurd, childish superstitions.

But Michael Healy-Rae is not "most TDs"...

He has called on the Government to scrap the way in which cars are registered, because he feels that next year, people will stop buying cars because it would mean having the number '13' at the start of their plate.

Some, like Michael, believe 13 unlucky.

And, do you know what, as much as it kills me to say it, he might just be right.

All the major US cruise ships avoid deck 13, so you get decks 12 and 14 but no 13.

Car dealers too feel they could be in for a rough year. Michael may well be on to something. But what's his solution to the problem?

in 2013 with may refusing to drive a car with the regisby Healy-Rae, will bring nothing but back luck on them. But before we dismiss him as just some gombeen who's out of touch with the real world, consider this thought: 6,600 people gave him a first preference vote in Kerry South last year.

I hope they're happy now...

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