Thursday 18 January 2018

O’Donnell children claim bank ‘trying to fast track case’

Blaise and Blake O'Donnell Picture By David Conachy 07/03/2015
Blaise and Blake O'Donnell Picture By David Conachy 07/03/2015

THE children of solicitor Brian O’Donnell, who claim ownership of a Killiney mansion which Bank of Ireland is trying to repossess, have claimed that the courts are trying to fast-track their case.

Blake and Blaise O’Donnell said the saga surrounding the Gorse Hill house in south Dublin has been very trying for them.

Solicitor Blake O’Donnell said it was “unfortunate” that people picked up the ‘bog standard’ description of the Gorse Hill home by Gerry Beades from the New Land League last week.

He said it was only when legal proceedings were issued  that the O’Donnell family realised they were in difficulty.

“My view of how the courts work at the moment is that borrowers are being put into fast track mechanisms. They are expected to present their entire case in two to three weeks or 24 hours in our case,” Blake said on Newstalk radio today.

“There is a difference between morality and law. Just because a court makes a determination doesn’t mean what the other side has done is morally right,” Blake added.

Blaise O’Donnell said the last few days have been “stressful and very uncertain”.

“We are just trying to do day-to-day at the moment and do our best. A family home is a family home,” she said.

She said she and her three siblings lived “normal lives” before the economic crash.

“This whole idea of a gilded life doesn’t sit with us well as it really isn’t true,” she said.

“We didn’t behave that way – airs and graces and privileges. If people met us, they wouldn’t have any idea of where we lived.

“The pressure is huge but it is happening all over the country,” Blaise added.


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