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Obama's next visit may mark 50 years since Kennedy trip

PRESIDENT Obama may make another visit to Ireland this year - this time to commemorate his predecessor John F Kennedy.

Plans are underway to mark the 50th anniversary of the historic visit of President Kennedy to Ireland.

And the President will be in Fermanagh during the G6 summit of world leaders in Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh.

Diplomatic protocol dictates that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has yet to officially send an invitation to Mr Obama until he is sure of a positive answer.

But although the President will be eyeing up the official poignant tribute to JFK in Wexford, Michelle Obama wants to bring the couple's two daughters back to Moneygall.

Obama's eighth cousin Henry Healy and Moneygall publican Ollie Hayes are in Washington to mark the inauguration celebrations.

Upon arrival in the States, they were invited to the National Building Museum for a candlelit reception on Sunday night -- an event exclusively reserved for Obama's high-paying donors.

And Mr Healy said that they were told by Mrs Obama that she wants to bring Malia (14) and Sasha (11) back to their dad's ancestral village.

"The First Lady said she would love to bring her daughters back to Moneygall, so that was great to hear," Mr Healy added.

"That is the second time she has said that to me."


The exact timing of the potential visit has yet to be hammered out but several members of the Kennedy family are due to attend the official opening of a €1.5m visitor centre in Wexford on June 22.

And this date coincides nicely with the G8 summit in Northern Ireland which is due to be held on June 17 and 18.

Barack Obama was inaugurated for the second time as president in the US capitol yesterday. And Mr Obama told publican Ollie Hayes and his relation Henry Healy that his trip to Ireland had inspired a special beer which is served at celebratory events.

"He asked us had we tried the White House brew yet and the two of us were laughing, saying, 'No, we haven't tried it yet'," Mr Healy said.

"The President said, 'you guys will have to try it. I was inspired by my visit to Ireland to brew my own beer'."

The duo also attended Mr Obama's inaugural Ball at the Washington Convention centre.

Mr Healy tweeted photos. "Just met President Obama and First Lady who send regards back to all in Moneygall and the VP & Dr Jill Biden!" Henry said online.