Friday 15 December 2017

Oasis tribute singer arrested in RTE bust up after Noel Gallagher's appearance

Adrian Mooney, from Balbriggan, lead singer of Oasis tribute band 'Oazis'. Swords, Dublin
Adrian Mooney, from Balbriggan, lead singer of Oasis tribute band 'Oazis'. Swords, Dublin

A Dubliner who sings as Liam Gallagher in an Oasis tribute act, has lived up to his idol’s persona after being arrested following a bust-up with security staff at RTE.

Adrian Mooney was ejected from Montrose after he lit up a cigarette in the toilets before the Saturday Night Show and was asked to leave by security officers.

The frontman was in attendance with his ‘Oazis’ bandmates to see Noel Gallagher, who was appearing on the show live that night.

The lads contacted staff at RTE through their Facebook page and asked if they could attend the show.

However, Adrian (34) has revealed he may have over indulged in the generous helpings of free wine that were on offer and went to the bathroom to smoke.

“The curtain call came about nine o’clock, and everyone was asked to take their seats,” he told the Herald.

“I thought to myself Noel isn’t going to be on until last so I’ll nip for a sneaky fag in the jacks.

“Kathryn Thomas was on first and God knows how long I would have had to listen to her.”

But things didn’t go quite to plan for the Ballbriggan native after smoke from his cigarette activated fire alarms in the building and alerted security.

“Basically I was tossed out on my ear,” he admitted.

The Liam lookalike, who has performed as his idol for over five years with the band, was escorted out the gates of RTE and gardai told him to go home.

Adrian then went around the corner of the property and attempted to scale a wall. He finally got over after two attempts and tried to hide beside his friend’s car.

“I didn’t know what was going on, like Liam I had a few too many. I was like George Best awoken,” he said. “Next thing I knew I was scaling the wall trying to get back in.

“I wasn’t trying to get back into the building, I had recognised my defeat. I was trying to get back to my mate’s car.  

“I’m from Balbriggan I wouldn’t normally be on that side of town, so I didn’t have a notion how I was going to get home,” he said.

“I crouched down beside the car for a while but security found me with torches. The guards came along and said ‘Listen we have to arrest you’.

“Liam would have loved it,” he said. “He doesn’t care what other people think, he isn’t PC at all.”

However, the Fingal County Council events worker said he is truly sorry for his actions.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

He is also remorseful that he missed his idol Noel Gallagher perform on the show.

“I didn’t mean to waste police time, things just got out of hand,” he said. “I am truly sorry.

“The lads got to stay to watch the end of the show and I missed the whole thing.”

“It’s probably a good thing I got kicked out because I would have just heckled him [Noel] if not – especially when he mimed. That’s what Liam would have done.”

Adrian was taken to Donnybrook Garda Station and was released at 1am later that night with a caution.

RTE confirmed the incident took place but did not wish to comment further.

Britpop megastar Noel was in town promoting his new album Chasing Yesterday ahead of his performance with his band the High Flying Birds at Dublin’s 3 Arena last night.

Noel caused an uproar on Twitter over the weekend after RTE had confirmed the outspoken rock star had mimed during his “live performance”. 

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